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The Date that Was Late 


Flash Man sighed and rolled his eyes. Man, Star, you’re just droppin’ drama bombs all over the place aren’t you?  ”Look, Star, I’m sorry, I got side-tracked by Metal Man.” He knew that probably wasn’t going to cut it with Star Man, but what else was he supposed to say?? 

He moved up beside the other and nudged him, “Hellooo? C’mon, don’t be like that.” He huffed. Short post, sorry! D: 

No it’s fine that it’s short bb uvu

Star cranes his neck the other way, not wanting to look at Flash at the moment.  He should have came first anyways.  Stupid..stupid Metal Man.  ”Well maybe next time you should inform Metal Man that you have a date to go to and to not be late about it!” Woow star why are you getting all bent out of shape.  

It did take a few minutes for the narcissistic robot to turn towards Flash.  ”Hmph don’t you dare to be late again!! I just won’t have it!  It is rude and uncalled for!”  He doesn’t cross his arms nope.  Not in a childish fit of anger nope not at all.  Because he was too good for that.  Waayy too good 

The Date that Was Late 


Flash Man was quick with getting ready most of the time, he wasn’t like one of those girls that took two fucking hours to get ready— he wasn’t even a girl! Unfortunately he even still wasn’t the best with being on time, he was always ~fashionably late~. 

Metal Man had stopped him to talk to him about patrol duties, hence why it had taken him extra time…ugh. Of all times for the eldest to stop him in his tracks!! He didn’t take shit most of the time, but he at least had enough respect for Metal Man to slow down and listen to him, besides, patrols were important…he /guessed/. 

Star was notorious for being whiny at times, or to Flash Man at least, he knew he was going to be given /hell/ for being so late. Star very much frustrated him at times, but at the same time he knew it was something he could put up with…right? For the most part, he amused him. 

Flash hurried towards Star, brushing himself off and smoothing the wrinkles on his t-shirt.

“So uh…here!” 

Star chose to ignore the other robot, huffing into the wind.  He sits up slowly, dusting off the dirt and grass and whatever else found it’s way onto his neatly pressed shit.  He picks up his rose and twirls it again, even faster.  Drama Queen Star in in the building.

"Hm…Well that’s weird.  I was not aware that the wind could speak."  He stands up, dusting off whatever has clung to him and keeps his back turned towards the other.  "If only that date of mine was here..and on time."  He turns his head to the side, still not looking at Flash.  Drammamaa Queeeeen

The Date that Was Late 

Star Man stare out into the distance, clicking his tongue in annoyance. In his hand he twirls the rose that is ever present. He looks around and let’s out an annoyed grunt. He was late. Or maybe Star was just early?

Nonsense. Star Man never showed up early or late! Well…unless his appearance was anything less than perfect of course. But even with that fact, it didn’t excuse his date??? Would this be a date? Or like a bro thing…ugh he didnt care anymore.

He whines and throws his head back, dramatically throwing himself backwards at the ground, looking up at the sky. At least the stars are beautiful…just like him. And the stars are never late…just like his partner.

"Ughhh who would even dare be late to someone as perfect and beautiful as I?? This is a crime!"

God wasn’t someone with such a fast sounding name be…oh I don’t know…fast??